Introducing Jolla Community Cloud

We at Jolla Community Italia love Nextcloud. That’s why we decided to give you a secure dock to store all of your files.

Jolla Community Cloud by Nextcloud makes easy to access your files, contacts and calendars from home, work or wherever you are and share them with people that matter the most to you (even if they don’t have a Nextcloud account). You can also save and read feeds, view and edit your documents online (even in collaborative mode with your friends or colleagues) and manage your Keepass databases.

How to get an account

  • You can get a 5gb account with a 15€/year donation to Jolla Community Italia.

  • Contact us with the same email you used to donate.
  • You will get a confirmation email with your account details.


Here’s how to connect your devices to your Nextcloud account:

Terms of service

  • The service is offered by a third part server, so we are no responsable for any data loss or downtime that could occur.
  • Your files are encrypted by the encryption module provided by Nextcloud.
  • By the first login, you accept our terms of service.

Frequently asked questions

Why donating?

Server has its cost and the community lives through volunteers’ support, so we decided to offer something “tangible” in return of your kindness.


For further help, please visit our forum.