Sailfish OS Naamankajärvi disponibile al download

JollaSailfish OS Naamankajärvi è finalmente disponibile al download. Se non vi è ancora arrivata la notifica, cercate l’aggiornamento manualmente tramite Impostazioni > Impostazioni di sistema > Info dispositivo > Pulley menu - Ricerca aggiornamenti. L’update va a correggere, tra le altre cose, anche il fastidioso bug dell’NFC, migliora il supporto al landscape e differenzia nello Store le app native da quelle Android.

Di seguito il changelog completo (in inglese).

What’s new

Landscape mode for Browser, gestures and notifications
Pinch to zoom support in Camera viewfinder
SMS support in Android runtime environment
Clearly distinguish Android apps from native apps in Store
Settings to disable/enable Quick call support in Phone app (from Settings->Apps->Phone)
‘Clear clipboard’ functionality
Delete all contacts in one go ( via pulley menu option in People app settings)
Improved recovery mode functionality introducing new features such as bootloader unlocking, shell and filesystem recovery options
Exchange ActiveSync policies introduced (‘DevicePasswordEnabled’ only)
Event location support to calendar events


Fixes the issue with NFC leaking power when TOH is attached.
On connecting the Other Half, associated ambience will not change unless it is being used for the first time or the ambiance has been earlier marked as favourite.
Installed ambience is only activated if the Other Half has been changed.
Improvements in profile handling.


Multiple accounts of the same service can now be differentiated by the display name entered in the ‘Account information’ field
Improved country list search while setting up new accounts
Fixes “account needs update” messages displayed for still-authenticated accounts


Fixes issues with sound profile due to ambience ringtone volume settings

Visual improvements in the UI

Performance improvements to pulley menus
Rendering improvements during scrolling through disabling subpixel dragging
Fixes to multi-line text editor layouts
Fixes the search field text clipping issue
Automatically close menus when an app goes to background
Commit composed text when user drags the cursor
Unfocused text fields are now less dim and more readable
Label fade effect made less aggressive


Audio quality Improvements to video recordings
Front camera now has a resolution of 2 Mpx in aspect ratio 4:3
Fixes an issue where images in certain conditions have very cold (blue) tones.


Option to select calendar when creating an event


Shows active image on the cover
Shows transferred mp4 videos if tapped on the video in the Transfer UI
Modifying email tone in Gallery Ambience album is actually taken into use now


Automatic SIM contacts availability can be turned off
Characters not part of locale alphabets are appended to the alphabet groups when required
Removes editor restriction on one detail of any specific type
Search indexes more information in the background
Search correctly distinguishes between diacritic forms for locales
Address format corrected for locale conventions
Contact favorite status can be changed from Messages and Phone
Duplicate IM addresses are suppressed
Cleared detail fields are removed rather than preserved
Email address field does not auto-capitalize
Import VCF file listing shows filename
VCF import creates nickname for contacts without sufficient identification
SIM contact modifications no longer lost after flight mode activated
‘Title’ field applies to organizational role, rather than name prefix
Fixes invalid link suggestions with Mail for Exchange
Fixes a crash after linking contacts


Fixes audio issues with SE VH410 bluetooth headset
Bluetooth visibility timer no longer pauses when the device is in sleep mode


New tabs can be cancelled by navigating back
Fixes issues in saving content downloaded from password protected websites
Tab thumbnails now sorted in most recently used order
URL input method for search/url field
Fixes an issue in having wrong thumbnail in tab grid


Fixes an issue that prevents sending emails only with CC or BCC
Better visual separation between messages when replying to a email
Fixes an issue related to opening a html email via notification
Several improvements for the reply and reply all actions
Fixes an issue related to the handling of ‘reply-to’ header
Fixes an issue related to the handling of ‘In-Reply-To’ and ‘references’ message headers
Fixes an issue in the communication with SMTP servers that don’t accept authentication command in two steps
Fixes an issue related to email encoding
Fixes an issue that prevents the “Email info” page from scrolling

Exchange ActiveSync

Improvements in contacts and calendar synchronization
Fixes an issue that prevented communication with Open-Xchange servers.
Improvements on the error handling when login fails
Fixes an issue that cause exchange to sync automatically outside peak hours

Battery & power saving

“Recharge battery” notification now displayed before the device completely shuts down


Fixes an issue that allowed bypassing devicelock code with usb cable
Transfers and Sharing
Initiated downloads that are unfinished or closed by the client now expires after 3 minutes
Sharing PNG images doesn’t fail anymore

Virtual keyboard

Portuguese layout added
Enhanced prediction for Italian and French
Some missing characters to key popups added
URL and email modes now available for layouts
Better landscape support


Scientific notation is not used anymore for single digit decimal numbers


Disables Android phone app playing ringtone on receiving an incoming call
Fixes issue in detecting mobile data network connection
Improvements to remote keyboard, audio service and window handling
Fixes issue where flight mode was not persistent after reboot
Improved memory handling while running low on available memory

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6 Risposte

  1. daniel ha detto:

    non hanno acnora sistemato il bug di andorid che non fa leggere ad Alien Dalvik la SD inserita!!!
    uffa…..occorre aspettare acnora

  2. silvio ha detto:

    Update effettuato qualche ora fa! Per ora tutto funge alla perfezione…..ora aspetto che anche la LTE e la 4G vengano attivate!!!
    piuttosto …. ho un serio problema con l’autoradio : il tel. si connette col bluetooth ma nn c’è verso di chiamare o ricevere chiamate…il sistema rimane muto…

  3. 2eu5 ha detto:

    Aggiornamento effettuato, non ho riscontrato problematiche, confermo anomalia autoradio bluetooth.

    • silvio ha detto:

      2eu5 , anche tu??? Allora non sono il solo ad aver problemoni con il BT dell’autoradio…..
      Che rabbia….e pensare che l’N9 non ha nessun problema a funzionare!!!!
      ps: Mitakuuluu ha problemi dopo l’aggiornamento. Bisogna aprirlo per ricevere le notifiche….

      • Fra ha detto:

        Il problema di Mitakuuluu è da imputare al fatto che in Sailfish con l’ultimo aggiornamento sono cambiate alcune cose nel sistema di notifica, credo che un bugfix arriverà presto.

  4. 2eu5 ha detto:

    Mi aspettavo miglioramenti più sostanziali per quanto riguarda la durata della batteria. Spero in nuovi aggiornamenti che passano correggere i peccati di giovinezza del device.

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